NoRegreT Qualifies for Code S!

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N3rd Street Gamers is proud to congratulate Jake “NoRegreT” Umpleby on qualifying for his second GSL Code S! There can be no doubt  about NoRegret’s worthiness to lay claim to the vaunted title of GSL Code S contender after the difficult road he walked on his qualifier.

Photo via AfreecaTV

On Day 1 NoRegreT was able to defeat Trap and Symbol before ultimately being knocked to the loser’s bracket by Dark, and falling to Trap in the qualifying rematch. Day 2 however held new opportunities, and challenges for NoRegreT. NoRegreT was able to defeat Patience before being knocked to the loser’s bracket by Solar, and finally, in what seemed to be a preordained duel of fates was forced to face off against Taiwanese cheese master Has for his final chance to qualify for 2018’s first season of GSL Code S.

Jake has come a long way since taking second at the first Cheeseadelphia

With this accomplishment NoRegreT continues to cement himself as one of America’s top Zerg players. We are incredibly excited to see what 2018 holds for North America’s cheesiest Zerg, and our proud to have him on our roster! Good luck Jake, WCS and the GSL await! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @onfireNoRegreT.