Madden 19 Eagles Championship Watch Party

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Madden 19 Watch Party

What: Madden 19 Eagles Championship Watch Party

Where: Localhost Esports Arena

When: November 18th, 12:00pm EST

How: Get Tickets on  **Limited to 100**

You’re an Eagles fan. No, you’re a real Eagles fan. You never miss a game. You dream in green and white. And you definitely spend hours honing your skills playing Madden 19. We get it. We understand you. That’s why we’re throwing a watch party at Philly’s own Localhost Arena to showcase the Madden Eagles Club Championship Final. And we want you to be there.

Show your support with us on November 18th at noon as we watch the Eagles take on the Saints. Afterward, we’ll wrap up the Madden Eagles Club Championship with our final four battling it out on stage to see who is crowned the Eagles Club Champion.

Oh, still not sold? Man, tough audience.

Okay how about this — Besides watching some of the best gamers in the country at the Madden 19 Eagles Club Championship Finals, you’ll be joined by Eagles Cheerleaders, our high-flying mascot SWOOP, and a super secret Eagles alumnus!

There. Happy? Good. Now go order tickets now on!