Cheesadelphia 3 Replay Pack

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As promised here are the replays from all of the casted games at Cheesadelphia! We tried to organize these replays as best we could, but feel free to offer any feedback if you feel they could be organized differently! Obviously there are spoilers in these replays so use at your own discretion! Now are you ready to learn from the … Read More

Cheesadelphia 3 Post Mortem

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By Joe “NSGJoe” LoGuidice The dust has settled and the post event afterglow has begun to wear off, so it’s time to continue the time honored tradition of looking looking back at the event and breaking down the good the bad and the ugly about Cheesadelphia. The preparation for the event exemplifies the idea of “practice makes perfect”. This is … Read More

New Site Launch!

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Screenshot of New NSG Site

  By Joe LoGuidice As you can no doubt see, N3rd Street Gamers has been hard at work building our new web site! Since it’s inception in 2014 N3rd Street Gamers has rapidly grown to become the premier eSports organizer on the East Coast, and our old website simply couldn’t keep up with our rapidly growing portfolio of tournaments franchises … Read More