Gamer looking for a team? Team looking to compete or test your LAN skills? Come out to train, compete, and surround yourself with other competitors during our NSG Bootcamps, Monthly Events, and summer camps at Localhost Arena in Philadelphia, Localhost Arena in Denver, and Ignite LAN Center in Chicago.


Ready to see how you rank up? Compete at a LAN event in your esport to win cash, improve your NSG Ranking, and track your progression. Win the LAN and punch your ticket to the DC Championship LAN with full paid travel to compete against the best developing athletes in the country.


Online PUBG Feb 21 Global
NCSAcademy Rocket League Feb 21 Philadelphia
NCSAcademy Fortnite Feb 22 Denver
NCSMinor Smash Ultimate Feb 23 Denver
NCSAcademy Hearthstone Feb 24 Philadelphia
Championship Fortnite Mar 2 Philadelphia
NCSAcademy CSGO Mar 2 Kansas City

Past NSG Events

View NSG historical data and media.

NCSAcademy Hearthstone Feb 17, 2019 Denver Hearthstone Fireside Gathering @ Localhost Arena Denver
NCSAcademy Fighting Games Feb 16, 2019 Philadelphia Go For Broke FGC Tournament
NCSAcademy CSGO Feb 16, 2019 Denver CS:GO Bootcamp @ Localhost Arena Denver
NCSAcademy Overwatch Feb 16, 2019 Denver Overwatch Bootcamp @ Localhost Arena Denver
NCSAcademy Fortnite Feb 15, 2019 Philadelphia Wings Fortnite Fridays
NCSAcademy Smash Ultimate Feb 15, 2019 Denver Elite Smash Fridays @ Localhost Arena Denver
NCSAcademy Fortnite Feb 15, 2019 Denver Fortnite Fridays @ Localhost Arena Denver
NCSAcademy Overwatch Feb 14, 2019 Philadelphia Philadelphia Fusion 2019 Season Launch Party
NCSAcademy Hearthstone Feb 10, 2019 Philadelphia Hearthstone Fireside Gathering – LH Arena Philadelphia
NCSAcademy Overwatch Feb 9, 2019 Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch Bootcamp
NCSAcademy Artifact Feb 9, 2019 Global Chronosphere Cup – Online Event
Academy CSGO Feb 2, 2019 Philadelphia CS:GO Academy Bootcamp
Academy CSGO Feb 2, 2019 Wichita Midwest Esports CS:GO Open
Academy Hearthstone Feb 2, 2019 Denver Hearthstone Fireside Gathering at Localhost Arena Denver
Academy Smash Ultimate Feb 1, 2019 Denver Elite Smash Fridays!
Academy Fortnite Feb 1, 2019 Philadelphia Wings Fortnite Fridays
Championship CSGO Jan 26, 2019 Philadelphia Flyers Overwatch Championship
Championship Overwatch Jan 12, 2019 Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch Bootcamp January
Championship CSGO Jan 5, 2019 Philadelphia CS:GO Academy January Bootcamp
Championship Fortnite Dec 28, 2018 Philadelphia Wings Fortnite Friday
Championship Overwatch Dec 27, 2018 Philadelphia Flyers Overwatch Thursdays
Championship CSGO Dec 21, 2018 Atlantic City $30k Cougar Open NSG Championship Grand Finals
Championship Hearthstone Dec 14, 2018 Philadelphia HCT Philadelphia
Championship Starcraft Dec 8, 2018 Global Cheesadelphia 8
Academy Madden Nov 18, 2018 Philadelphia Madden 19 Eagles Club Championship Finals
Championship Overwatch Nov 10, 2018 Philadelphia Fusion $3,600 Overwatch Showcase
Academy CSGO Nov 10, 2018 Philadelphia NSG X UWatch: 16 Team CS:GO LAN
Academy CSGO Nov 3, 2018 Philadelphia CS:GO Academy November Bootcamp
Academy FIFA Oct 27, 2018 Philadelphia Union Esports College Clash
Academy Fortnite Oct 26, 2018 Philadelphia Fortnite Friday Tournament
Academy Overwatch Oct 20, 2018 Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch Bootcamp
Academy Call of Duty Oct 18, 2018 Philadelphia Thursday Night Blackout: Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Championship Fighting Games Oct 13, 2018 Philadelphia Red Bull Conquest Qualifiers
Academy CSGO Oct 6, 2018 Philadelphia CS:GO 1-Day LAN Showcase
Academy Fortnite Sep 28, 2018 Philadelphia NSG Fortnite Bounty LAN
Academy Overwatch Sep 15, 2018 Philadelphia Official Fusion Overwatch Bootcamp
Academy CSGO Sep 8, 2018 Philadelphia CSGO Bootcamp
Championship CSGO Aug 31, 2018 Washington D.C. COUGAR $10,000 CSGO D.C. OPEN PRESENTED BY LINODE
Academy Overwatch Aug 26, 2018 Philadelphia OWL All-Star Watch Party Tournament
Championship Starcraft Jul 28, 2018 Chicago Cheeseadelphia 7
Academy Overwatch Jul 14, 2018 Philadelphia Overwatch Bootcamp
Championship Fortnite Jul 1, 2018 Philadelphia Fortnite LAN Tournament
Academy Fighting Games Jun 30, 2018 Philadelphia Go For Broke
Academy Overwatch Jun 22, 2018 Philadelphia Fusion Showcase @ TooManyGames
Academy GWENT Jun 16, 2018 Philadelphia Wild Hunt 2
Academy Overwatch Jun 3, 2018 Philadelphia Overwatch Bootcamp
Academy CSGO Jun 2, 2018 Philadelphia CSGO Bootcamp
Academy Fortnite May 26, 2018 Philadelphia PC & XBOX One Fortnite Tournament
Championship Hearthstone Apr 28, 2018 Philadelphia Brotherly Brawl $5k LAN
Championship CSGO Mar 9, 2018 Chicago Cougar’s Mad City CSGO OPEN
Academy GWENT Feb 24, 2018 Philadelphia Wild Hunt
Championship Starcraft Jan 20, 2018 Philadelphia Cheeseadelphia 6
Championship Fighting Games Jan 13, 2018 Atlantic City Go For Broke $15,000

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