N3rd Street Gamers and Underwatch Partner for $1,500 CS:GO Tournament

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In yet another move to bring quality esports tournaments to the masses, N3rd Street Gamers is partnering with Boston-based UWatch to put on a $1,500 CS:GO tournament. Taking place at Balance Patch, Boston’s first social video game cafe, UWatch will be an eight-team, double elimination tournament. All games will be played as BO1s with a BO3 Final.

This will be the fourth UWatch CS:GO tournament to take place at Balance Patch. The partnership with NSG will help create the prize pool for the CS:GO LAN event which takes place on September 8th and runs from 12pm to 12am.

NSG has a history of supporting amateur LAN events in general, and the CS:GO LAN community in particular. North America’s largest CS:GO LAN, Fragadelphia, happens twice a year at Localhost. It’s also the event where NSG and UWatch first became acquainted.

“I first heard of NSG through Fragadelphia,” Arthur “deadsh0t” Heil, organizer of UWatch, commented. “I got to meet some of the NSG staff while I volunteered for Frag and learned a lot about the organization.” He recalled being “impressed by how much everyone cared about the community.”

N3rd Street Gamers is no stranger to community support. Be it through regular boot camps or summer education programs, NSG prides itself on encouraging social engagement through esports.

“We created NSG to empower the grass roots local communities that exist all across America,” remarked John Fazio, founder and CEO of N3rd Street Gamers. “Connecting with UWatch and Balance Patch is a natural fit for our expansion. We are excited to add Boston to the NSG map and look forward to future collaborations with the teams.”

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