#PHILLYESPORTS Charity Stream Recap

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Last Friday saw us wrapping up our inaugural #Phillyesports Charity Stream, and we’re extremely happy with the results. Running from August 13th to September 7th, the campaign raised over $5,000 for the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.

This was the first time we’ve organized and executed a charity streaming event at this scale. All in all, nine players participated, including three from the Philadelphia Fusion and three from Team Dignitas. A couple of our own N3rd Street Gamers even hopped into the mix, while Doolsta proudly represented Philadelphia Union from right inside Localhost’s walls. Each streamer came equipped with his or her own unique personality and flavor.

For example, if you missed HugS from Team Dignitas singing karaoke, here’s a little sample:

Other players showed us just how good they can be in clutch situations, like this fast switch by the Philadelphia Fusion’s neptuNo:

Or when Eqo triggered his ultimate for a quadruple kill:

We even had a couple of players who couldn’t stream during the event’s schedule, but who really wanted to participate. When circumstances made them unavailable inside our original timetable, we made sure to get Legend0fLucky and Emuhleet from Team Dignitas online a couple of weeks later.

Watch Emuhleet go aggro and get the first two kills on a CS:GO comeback round.

We’d like to thank everyone over at Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation and Philadelphia Union for partnering with us. There were a lot of moving parts and many chances for crossed communication, but each time we reached out or suggested a change, their teams were professional and understanding. They worked with us from the beginning to ensure the first ever #Phillyesports Charity Stream was a success.

Our team at NSG learned a lot organizing and executing this event together, which means that the next one is going to be even better. For example, one thing some streamers mentioned was the lack of notifications when somebody donated. Not only is this great feedback, but it’s also something we’re actively working on.

We would love to hear what else you thought of the charity stream. What did you love? What was meh? How do you want to see the next one improve? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, and let us know.

Miss your favorite gamer? Here’s a list of everyone who participated and their stream, if it is available.

Sir Skrallex

(Unfortunately the video for Doolsta is unavailable)