NSG Highlight: Top Ten CS:GO Photos

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Did you know that we had a Flickr account? Judging by the number of followers we have, probably not! And that’s exactly why we’re bringing you our first ever Top Ten list from our Flickr albums. This week, we’ll show off some of our favorite snaps from last December’s 30k Cougar CS:GO Open Eastern Conference Championship Presented by Linode.

You can see our entire 30k photostream by visiting our Flickr page. There, you can download and share your own favorite photos. 





@AprotoCS and @SpongeyGOD


@DarfMike ESEA Next Big Caster Challenge Winner


@MagicHelmetTV Esea NBC Challenge Runner-up


@daprcs Drip or Drown for the 30k, player for EUnited


@dazzLeGo Drip or Drown for the 30k, player for EUnited


@_hellokaykay CS:GO Streamer


Brazilian team, Furia, was the Cougar CS:GO Open Runner-up


Tensions run high for Furia and their coach during the finals