New Localhost Opens in California

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nsg partners with ult

Aspiring esports athletes have a new location to compete as we open a new Localhost location this June in Huntington Beach, CA.

Localhost Battleground

The new location, dubbed Localhost Battleground, opens inside of UMV in Huntington Beach, CA for competitive gaming events, including solo tournaments, team-based tournaments, and boot camps. It is the third Localhost venue and entrenches NSG as a coast-to-coast entity that offers aspiring esports athletes a consistent gaming experience across the country.

Localhost Battleground focuses on high-energy, in-person competition and will host weekly and monthly events as well as tournaments with prize pots starting at $10,000. The venue boasts the same top-tier gaming equipment that has made Localhost one of the fastest growing esports-focused facilities in the U.S.

Located inside of a studio with 22,000 square feet, Localhost Battleground will provide players access to gaming PCs and monitors, top-of-the-line peripherals, consoles, gaming chairs, and a wide selection of snacks and drinks. Players competing in tournaments at Localhost Battleground will be seated on a dedicated stage positioned inside UMV’s headquarters.

Visions Align

The partnership between NSG and UMV goes back to August of 2018 and is rooted in their aligning vision. Both NSG and Ultimate Media Ventures embrace a mission that is focused on the player’s journey.

UMV is a specialized gaming lifestyle company focused on advancing the culture of esports through strategy, marketing, merchandising, and production services. ULT, the consumer product arm of UMV, creates premium goods for gaming and esports lifestyle. Likewise, NSG champions aspiring esports athletes with thousands of open competitions while promoting an ethos of  “esports for everyone.”

“Bringing Localhost to Southern California allows us to produce more frequent events for the National Championship Series and extends our reach to the west coast. Localhost Battleground at Ultimate Media Ventures creates more recurring, standardized opportunities for players to earn NCS points, prizes, and support for travel to our competitions.”

Ryan Barr, COO of NSG and Commissioner of the NCS

National Championship Series

National Championship Series

The NCS is designed to elevate the aspiring esports athlete and works as a bridge between the amateur and professional esports environments. NCS competitions incorporate multiple game titles such as CS:GO, Overwatch, and Starcraft 2. They are produced across the country by NSG and by third parties in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver, Arlington, TX, and now Huntington Beach, CA.

Players compete in NCS tournaments to hone their skills, raise their profile to a national level, and potentially position themselves to be eligible for college scholarships or career positions in the ever-growing esports industry.

We launched our first Localhost esports and gaming venue in Philadelphia, PA in 2017 and expanded to Colorado in December of 2018 with our flagship 18,000 square foot Localhost Arena. We plan to open additional Localhost locations later in 2019.