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Cheeseadelphia Major Play for $10K

What: Cheesadelphia X, a StarCraft II tournament
When: July 27 -28th, 2019
Where: Localhost Denver
How: Register now on

The StarCraft community has long been famous for its zealous passion, and dedicated community. Whether in grassroots events or at the highest tier of competition in the World Championship Series, StarCraft is known for bringing the hype. With the help of  Blizzard, N3rd Street Gamers is creating a bridge between grassroots competition and WCS with Cheeseadelphia X.

Cheeseadelphia began in 2015 with modest ambitions our goal was to create a StarCraft II LAN in Philadelphia, PA to help improve the quality of regional competition and foster its talent. Since the first event, Cheeseadelphia continued to grow and expand, fueled by hard work and the passion of the community.

This will be the most significant Cheeseadelphia StarCraft event to date, featuring a $10,000 prize pool and two WCS North American Challenger seeds.

Cheeseadelphia X will take place from July 27th to July 28th at Localhost Arena in Denver, CO. Registration is open now so click here to get signed up. Much has changed from previous Cheeseadelphias, starting with WCS Challenger seeds.

localhost denver
The Localhost Arena in Denver, CO

WCS Challenger

Cheeseadelphia X will award two WCS Challenger seeds

Cheeseadelphia X will award two North American WCS Challenger seeds to the top performing eligible players at the event. For the first time in WCS history, players will have the chance to prove their mettle and claim their Challenger seed in a fully open LAN environment.

Cheeseadelphia is open to all players, but only players eligible for North American Challenger League can claim the WCS Challenger seeds. If the top- performing players are ineligible, or are already qualified, the Challenger seeds will cascade downward to the highest- performing eligible player. Players from the European, ANZ, Taiwan, Latin America, and Chinese regions cannot earn Challenger seeds for their regions at Cheeseadelphia X.

New Format

Cheeseadelphia X will be using an open bracket format that differs from previous Cheeseadelphia events. The group stage will feature 64 players divided into four player double elimination groups. The top two players from each group will be seeded into a double elimination bracket. The entire upper bracket will play out on the first day, July 27th, to determine our first finalist and fill out a brutal knockout phase.

On day two, the tournament follows the lower bracket players as they work through a brutal gauntlet, facing a fresh player every time they advance in the bracket.


Cheeseadelphia X features a $10,000 prize pool distributed to the top 12 players as shown:

1st: $3,500
2nd: $1,700
3rd: $1,200
4th: $800
5th – 6th: $600
7th – 8th: $400
9th – 12th: $200

Cheeseadelphia 9 Top 3
The top three from Cheeseadelphia 9, from left to right: Rob, MaSa, Creature

NCS Points

The National Championship Series leaderboard was announced on May 16th and provides players with clear insight into their standings. You can check the weekly updated leaderboard  at Cheeseadelphia X is an NCS Major and will award a high number of NCS Points.  The winner of the NCS Major may be eligible for travel support and discounted entry into the Grand Final later this year in Denver, CO. Don’t miss your chance to earn these points!

Ready to play? Sign up here!


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